ChatGPT’s UBI Ideas

Andrew Yang wrote that today.

AI is useful. Here’s ChatGPT’s plan in response to this prompt: “Write a plan to reach a compromise between the left, which wants to reduce consumption and end poverty, and the right, which wants to cut taxes on work and investment and make government more efficient. Discuss how Unconditional Basic Income could accomplish this, especially since climate change and AI create a perfect storm for unprecedented compromise.”

  1. Acknowledge the concerns of both sides: The left is concerned about reducing consumption and ending poverty, while the right is focused on cutting taxes on work and investment and making the government more efficient.
  2. Introduce the concept of Unconditional Basic Income (UBI): UBI is a policy proposal that would provide every citizen with a basic income, regardless of their employment status or income level. This could address the left’s concerns by providing a basic standard of living for all citizens, while also addressing the right’s concerns by reducing the need for government assistance programs and allowing for more efficient government spending.
  3. Highlight the potential benefits of UBI: UBI has the potential to address both poverty and inequality, while also providing a safety net for those who may be negatively impacted by the effects of climate change and automation.
  4. Discuss the potential for compromise: By introducing UBI as a potential solution, both sides may be able to compromise on their respective positions. The left may be willing to accept a reduction in government spending on poverty programs in exchange for a basic income for all citizens, while the right may be willing to accept higher taxes in exchange for a more efficient government and a safety net for those negatively impacted by climate change and automation.
  5. Address the concerns of each side: The left may be concerned about the cost of UBI, while the right may be concerned about the potential for UBI to discourage work. Addressing these concerns by highlighting the potential benefits of UBI and discussing potential funding sources could help to build support for the proposal.
  6. Start a dialogue: Encourage open discussion among both parties, to find the best ways to implement UBI, address concerns, and ensure that it is sustainable.
That’s where I got the idea for a question to the world’s favorite AI bot.

Old Ideas

On March 7, 2017, a yearbook editor at my school wanted a quote from me for the English page. I supplied this:

It used to be that the study of English was confined to reading, writing, speaking, listening, and conventions. But today, with so many so dynamic ways for so many people to transmit so many ideas into the minds of so many others, how we use and understand language becomes increasingly vital to our civilization’s health every day. From social media to journalism to commerce to governance, nothing is more critical than how we use verbal and written and visual language to exchange ideas with one another and to help ourselves better understand those ideas. Never has it been more challenging nor more thrilling nor more satisfying to be at the heart of the curriculum that’s called English.

Still seems accurate.

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Good vs. Well

Just read two assignments in a row that attempted to use good as an adverb. Good is an adjective. If you did something, you did it well! See for clarification on when it’s good and when things are well.

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